Braun Silk.epil 5/ 5780

1,750.00 EGP 1,295.00 EGP


Effective hair removal process

The Silk-Epil 5 dry use hair removal machine is multi-functional, ideal for quick and smooth hair removal sessions. The Silk-Epil 5 dry hair removal machine is equipped with 40 tweezers with CloseGrip technology to remove the smallest hairs, even the size of a grain of sand, for maximum smoothness.
In addition, the Silk-Epil 5 dry-use hair removal machine comes with a pivoting head that fits perfectly into the contours of your body to make every passage smooth to your skin and is equipped with a powerful active vibrations feature – for extra gentle hair removal.

Accessories you can count on

Shaving head:  turns the epilator into a fully functional shaver
Trimming cap:  Allows you to trim wherever you want
Skin Contact Cap:  Ensures optimum skin contact for fast hair removal
Face Cover:  for facial skin with distinctive beauty and freshness
Moisturizing glove:  effectively cools the skin before hair removal and calms it down after hair removal for added comfort


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